13 January 2011

Towards Collective Accountability

"If we wait for the government, it's going to be too little too late;
As individuals, it's just going to be too little,
But if we do it as communities, together, it might just be enough, just in time."

Spoken by Ben Brangwyn from Transition Network in Peter Day's In Business Podcast 'Growing Pains'. (Transcription into verse, is therefore my artistic licence.)

Here, Ben was talking about a specific project: Totnes, a town which has adopted the Transition Model in order to "respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change." 

So, I have taken his words completely out of context but I think they can easily be applied to the need for collective accountability and making sure that we get involved in the things that matter to us. And of course, that we attract, seek and welcome the efforts of others to make our journey more efficient and enjoyable. 

(For a post along the same lines, visit Sinead Mac Manus' blog.)


  1. I think you and Ben have raised a really important issue. We've been pondering communities and collective accountability in the context of the economic and political climate faced by museums, libraries, archives and the heritage sector. Facing challenges collectively and creatively is inspiring and empowering, and all our various communities are a vital route to taking effective action.

    On 2 February Creating Capacity is building communities around the idea of Future Proofing Your Organisation by holding an action planning and networking event tailored to our sector. It is intended to give people the courage to address issues as a community and so empower individual action through collective endeavour. And you are so right that this should be an enjoyable as well as effecient use of our time.

    Thanks Pilar for highlighting the importance of communities and collective endeavour at this vital time.

  2. Sounds like an event that's pretty much needed at the moment!

    For those interested, please visit the Creating Capacity website or follow this link:


    All the best with the event!