29 March 2011


Now that I have spent some time away from the Internet, I realise how much energy and stimulation I get from it.

Jumping from blog to blog, clicking through various links, tweeting and re-tweeting (both words accepted by the blogspot spellchecker - which doesn't recognise blogspot!) about things that mattered to me. Those were the habits I developed through an unconscious connection with my mouse, a connection developed as I did most of my work on the computer, on the net.

But over the last two weeks, I have been immersed in an off-line world, even using actual scissors and tape to cut and paste. While still picking up e-mails and opening and closing Firefox, I spent most of my time writing and revising a couple of books - intended to be purchased through the net, of course.

I now realise that I haven't tweeted in a week. That I haven't blogged properly for (almost) a week. I didn't even realise that Liz Taylor died last week. Luckily I was still downloading my podcasts and found out through the NowShow. Maggie the cat died! How did I miss the death of such an icon?

But I digress (as usually happens when I surf (the net).)

It was only today that I realised why I'd lost the will to blog, the will to tweet, to contribute to the discussion groups in LinkedIn... I lacked e-spiration.

But now that I have identified what I need, no doubt I'll be back - my right hand is getting tired of holding a pen and can't wait to get back to resting on my mouse.

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