27 September 2011

Have we learnt yet to use the Internet?

I've had quite a few conversations lately about the Internet, the privacy of sites (or lack of it) and generally, the fact that as a technology-enabled society, we have not yet learnt how to use it properly. We can't have, it is such a new medium.

Only today I was looking through a book I got out of the library about using the web for teaching. It is SOOOOO out of date (talking about HTML etc and downloading times... what teacher needs to learn HTML when you have Blogger, Wordpress, etc etc?) When was the book published? 2000! 11 years ago and it has become almost completely redundant. That's not long, not even a generation.

My arm is still not well, so I will keep this post brief, but let me leave you with a quote from a podcast I was just listening to, which prompted me to write this post.

"People have not gone through enough history to understand where it (technology) can hurt you and where it can help you."

Jeff Moss, Black Hat
BBC's Peter Day's World of Business: Cyber Security

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