2 February 2014

A New Blog (and some reflections on my mosaic career)

It's been a while since I opened a new website, so I thought it was time to set one up.

I have had so many ideas for fiction and non-fiction books that I think I need to set up what has become known an 'Author Platform'. This site you're on now is great, but because it's about me, it has many different things on it. And the blog posts are also quite varied.

So I've opened Dreaming and Writing, a site dedicated mainly to... you guessed right. I'll post my book reviews there from now on but I'll always come back here to tell you about them. Meanwhile, I want to keep this blog open for miscellaneous matters, and drop in just when the time is right. Writing on this blog is a great way of reflecting about what's going on with my life, regardless of what hat I'm wearing at that moment.

Let's face it, I'm not "one thing". That's fine, but it's causing me a little bit of stress when I go to networking events and people ask me "What do you do?" If you say, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, they look at you like you haven't got it together, like you are unfocused.

But hey, this is who I am. I AM all over the place, all over the internet place and that's o.k. So I'll continue to segment my online presence so that you (and others) can find me wherever suits you best.
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And if you just fancy putting up with me for a bit, stay here. I hope to entertain you for a while.

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