25 March 2016

Virtual Rhyme 1 - The Café Around the Corner

We're taking a short break but here's a short poem for you!


The Café around the Corner


I have my lunch and feel my tummy swell.

I ate too much (I know ‘cause I can’t move)

If I stay on my couch, it won’t vode well,

So I need to get up, regain my groove.


Although my organism’s full of food

And I still have a pizza to digest,

A visit to the café’s what I need:

A change will be as productive as a rest.


When I arrive, there’s not a seat in sight;

And people seem so busy on their phones…

The noise is deafening, the music loud;

I miss the comfy silence of my home.


The truth then hits me: Human kind is not for me.

I’ll just go home and have a cup of tea.

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