3 March 2016

WLP67 Can Remote Scale? Part 2

Pilar and Lisette pick up where they left off last week. We look at how the world of work will change when remote scales: what will happen with physical workspaces and how companies operate when 100% virtual.



Today's episode is a continuation of the conversation Lisette and Pilar started in podcast 65.
So this introduction is very short.

Saros Virtual Team Practice


Remember to check in - not to check up on...

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Virtual Coffee with Lisette: We Talk about the Future Workplace

21 mins Pilar and Lisette talk about how Virtual Team Talk is going. Sign up for updates to the Blabs here: https://virtualteamtalk.wordpress.com/

Can communities build faster online than face to face?

Lisette's first chapter is on its way!!!!

Here's the report by the Work Foundation on Working Anywhere. www.theworkfoundation.com/DownloadPublication/Report/398_Working%20Anywhere.pdf

AirBnB's Flexible Workspace. http://www.onofficemagazine.com/interiors/item/4663-airbnb-s-low-tech-and-flexible-portland-office

To find out why Buffer ditched the office, have a look at https://open.buffer.com/no-office/

Article on why Automattic work in the way they do.

Lisette mentions "The Year Without Pants".
Pilar mentions "Rework".

Check out this episode!

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