8 April 2016

Virtual Rhyme 3 - The Meeting is at One

We'll be back next week. Meanwhile, here's a short poem.


The Meeting is at One


The meeting is at one,

I have my webcam ready –

It just fits on the shelf,

I hope that it holds steady.


I’m wearing a nice jumper

(Now, is it blue or green?)

I checked my teeth for bits of food

And checked my background’s clean.


I’m holding a team meeting

To get ourselves aligned,

Stay up to speed, divide the work

And get all tasks assigned.


I log on, but there’s no one,

I check my diary at once

(It wouldn’t be the first time

That I look like a dunce.)


Did I get the wrong time zone?

Did I get the wrong date?

Did my calendars sync properly…

The tech you love to hate.


And then I hear a sound

As someone joins the call,

But their video’s not working

And their avatar looks small.


Another three team members

Are trying to log on,

There’s sounds of “Can you hear me?”

“I think my connection’s gone…”



I declare the meeting open

To try to make up time

And get this meeting going

Even if it’s through mime.


I welcome everybody

And then ask how they are –

Although I hear that Susan

Is grumpy in her car.


I try to make some small talk,

(They say it’s good for bonding)

But it’s clear from all their faces

That they are not responding.


I pull up the agenda

(Which no one yet has read)

So I get straight to the point

And allocate tasks instead.


I hear singing in the background;

There’s a buzzing on the line:

“Is there a bad connection?”
(I hope that it’s not mine!)


Sally drops off the call,

And Fred’s no longer there,

All I can see of Robert

Is some grey, distorted square.


I’m getting a bit anxious.

I wave my arms around

And then my hand

Slaps hard the shelf

Which knocks my webcam down.


“Ok,” I say. “Although I know

It’s good to talk when we’re dispersed,

Let’s use email to stay in touch-

Our team seems to be cursed.”

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