2 June 2016

Virtual Team Talk: When competitors collaborate

In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette talk about how Virtual Team Talk was born and why it's so important to have a space to interact with your competitors. (Yes, you heard right.)


Episode with Izabela Russell: http://virtualnotdistant.com/new-media-europe/

Episode with Mike Russell: http://virtualnotdistant.com/new-media/

Our appearance with Izabela on the New Media Europe podcast http://newmediaeurope.com/2016/virtual-team-talk-pilar-orti-lisette-sutherland/

Link to webinars in June, from office-based to virtual team: http://virtualnotdistant.com/office-based-virtual-team-webinar/

Virtual not Distant Bitesize

- why it's important not to take part in every conversation in Slack or other team communication platforms.
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Check out the blog post: The Dangers of Working Out Loud http://virtualnotdistant.com/the-dangers-of-working-out-loud/


Virtual Coffee with Lisette: Virtual Team Talk, a space where competitors can collaborate

10.00mins Our updates: Lisette is selling loads of supercards! Check them out! http://virtualnotdistant.com/greatmeetings/

Our Blab on 6 June 7pm BST on Remote Productivity Habits: http://bit.ly/e-productivity

Link to the team audit, for managers and leaders of virtual teams http://virtualnotdistant.com/teamaudit/

18.00mins Pilar and Lisette rehearse their talk for New Media Europe, telling the story of how they met and how Virtual Team Talk is evolving.
Why did two competitors start working together?

The challenge is finding something that people can do together.

The importance of creating experiences together.

Creating the opportunity for spontaneous interactions.

Finding ways of getting to know how people work before going into full-blown, high stakes collaboration.

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